what we do

book pr

We believe every story deserves attention, and this also applies to books. Whether it’s a recipe book or a memoir, the success of a book largely depends on how it is introduced to its potential readers, which is where we enter the scene. By presenting a publication to relevant bloggers, journalists and other opinion makers, we make sure a good read doesn’t go unnoticed.

fashion, lifestyle and beauty pr

Our showroom reflects a mixture of international and Belgian labels, brands that we truly believe in. In close contact with our clients we develop a PR strategy, set targets and approach press accordingly. We happily advise on seeding and celebrity dressing. Personal contact is key and we aim to please. Store openings, fashion collaborations, product launches, pop up stores, press conferences, we have seen it all and love to be a partner in your brand story.

festival pr

With the amount of festivals on the increase, it has become challenging for festival organisers to distinguish themselves and properly convey what they stand for. By bringing across the unique features of a wide-scale event we make sure it receive its rightful spot, centre-stage in the field of entertainment.

talent management

Being talented is a gift. Surrounding yourself with the right people to turn this talent in a successful career means you’re not only talented but also smart. We can handle press requests, seek business opportunities and negotiate on your behalf. Our clients vary from stylists to bloggers and tv personalities.